It is advisable to use public transport to get to the Notting Hill Carnival in London, as most of the local roads will be for pedestrian use only. Also be aware that for safety reasons some stations may close temporarily if they become overcrowded. It may be worthwhile waiting until the station reopens rather than finding an alternative station.


What time is Carnival due to start?

The Carnival Bands will take to the roads from around 9am on Sunday 26th August and the same time on Monday 27th of August. Sunday is Children’s day and Monday is Adults day. The Carnival parade should complete its procession by 7pm

How to get to Carnival?

  • There are a number of parking restrictions and road closures so the best way to travel to Carnival is by public transport

What is the best way to enter and exit the Carnival?

Over the years the Northern entrances and exits have been the busiest, especially around the Harrow Road and Great Western Road. Carnival Organisers suggest to use other entrances particularly from the west or South